Fast – The fastest thread sampling service in the world.

The only service that can offer real time tracking of your sample orders.

Web Based Application

We know that speed is crucial to our customers and Coats Colour Express provides the world’s fastest sampling service for industrial sewing thread.

Our thorough analysis of the current thread sampling process has enabled us to totally re engineer the service. Our goal is to provide the fastest sampling service in the market. Now launching exclusively at Coats, a web based application to connect you in real time with your Coats Field Colour Expert, the Sales Force, Coats Customer Service, Coats Colour Office and most importantly, with our Sampling Laboratory.

This application transmits your sampling requirement with accurate definition instantly to the Lab. So now, your requirements could be in production within minutes of you placing your sample order.

Coats Colour Capsure

Unparalleled convenience in colour matching.

Introducing the revolutionary Coats Colour Capsure device. With this device, the closest match can be captured in seconds from the pre loaded Coats color cards in the device.

Register with us for Coats Colour Express, we can install a Capsure Colour matching device with all Coats standard colour cards, Pantone® Reference Guides and the Colours stocked in a customised thread cabinet that we can place at your premises.

Find out how to use the device in our video guide – Coats Colour Capsure device – how to use it.

Field Colour Expert

Field Colour Expert (FCE)

Our locally based experts are ready to address all your sample requirements in a timely and efficient manner. They work from our network of Local Colour offices and are equipped with the latest technology in colour management, such as Mobile Colour Readers.

Local Colour Office network

We know, delivering sampling services locally are important, when lead times are reduced and colour complexity demands are increased. That’s why we have expanded our Local Colour Office network to get closer to customers. Our offices now carry an increased range of sample threads, and act as a logistic hub to deliver the sample thread at your desk.

Local Colour Office