Capsure Disclaimer

Coats plc is not liable and assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies arising from the mishandling or improper use of the Capsure device nor for any inaccuracies arising from poor matching.

Limitations of matching on the Capsure Device:

  1. The colours on the Capsure instrument are for guidance only, visually check the accuracy of the sample against the colour given.
  2. The colours in the Coats Fandecks do not include fluorescent, luminous or optically brightened shades. Therefore there will be no suitable matches to any fluorescent, luminous or optically brightened samples measured on the Capsure device.

Factors which affect the accuracy of the results given by the instrument include:

  1. Any obstructions or foreign bodies located within the instrument’s measuring window.
  2. Cold weather, which may cause the display to react slowly and matches to be less accurate.
  3. Incorrect positioning of the instrument against the sample. The measuring window of the device must be laid flat against the sample.
  4. Attempting to make a match from an unsuitable sample. These are examples of unsuitable samples:
  • The sample is heavily textured
  • The sample is velvet
  • The sample is not opaque. The results could be improved if the sample is folded to achieve opacity.
  • The sample exhibits geometric metamerism i.e. the sample looks different when viewed at different angles
  • The sample is two tone (one colour on one side and the other colour on the other side): Again if the sample is not opaque, one colour could show through the other so giving incorrect readings.
  • The sample is fluorescent, optically brightened or luminous
  • The sample is reflective/shiny
  • The sample is stained or dirty from mishandling

The Capsure device displays the closest match from the selected Fandeckto the measured sample. This Fandeck shade may or may not be an exact match to the measured sample. The accuracy of the match proposed by the Capsure device depends on the gamut and spread of shades within the selectedFandeck. The Capsure device displays a bar graph which indicates the accuracy of the sample.

This Match Quality Indicator appears on the top right corner of the Capsure screen:-


The bars on the Match Quality Indicator are for informational purposes only.

  • Three green bars indicates the best possible match
  • Two yellow bars indicate a possible match
  • One red bar indicates a noticeable difference between the measured sample and the ‘Match’
  • Zero bars indicates a poor ‘Match’ to the measured sample

The fewer bars appearing on the Match Quality Indicator, the greater the possibility that colour differences will be noticed between the measured sample and the ‘Match’.