Accurate – Precision, engineered into every step

We know that accuracy is crucial to our customers and Coats Colour Express provides the world’s most accurate sampling service for industrial sewing thread. It’s a revolution in colour.

Coats Colour Capsure

Coats Colour Capsure

The world’s first electronic thread colour catalogue – offering unparalleled convenience in colour matching. The Coats Capsure device allows you find the nearest match to your colour requirements. Simply place the device over the material and indicate the electronic colour card you want to match to. The device will match to the nearest colour.

To know more about this device, watch the video Colour matching device Capsure – how to use it.

Mobile Colour Reader

This device, carried by our Field Colour Expert (FCE), will capture your colour requirement electronically at your office (in technical terms, this electronic colour will be expressed as a reflectance curve with over 40 data points). The FCE will use this device to capture your colour requirement where you have been unable to satisfactorily match to our standard shades.

This electronic file will then be blue toothed to our new web based application and transmitted to the lab. The lab will use this electronic data to generate your colour and immediately start sample production. A physical swatch of your colour will also be sent to the lab for the final approval of the sample thread prior to shipment to you.

ColourStitch Colour Management System

Welcome to our proprietary colour management system that connects our dye-houses and labs throughout the world to deliver accurate and globally consistent colour to you. ColourStitch will match your requirement to one of the thousands of shades in our offer and if there are no shades within the very tight colour tolerance we adopt globally, it will generate a new colour and recommend a recipe. It also provides our labs with real time visibility into requirement to ensure we deliver your exact needs in thread sampling.

Delivering accurate and globally consistent colour

Coats Colour Express, provides you with real time access to our world class colour labs and colour management systems.

By using Coats Colour Express your sampling requirements can be dispatched with accurately and instantly to our labs and dye houses across the world. Meaning your requirements could be in production within minutes of you placing your sample order.